"above prime " Wagyu livestock is our mission as well


 Mountain View Wagyu   was founded after extensive research into the right breed for owners  Jay & Patty Redlin.  Luck   just happened to play into the equation as well.  Fustrated while trying to secure another rare breed of cattle and the fact that the    restuarant we went to was out of buffalo , we were offered a different meat called "Wagyu".   After enjoying what was the best burger we have ever had and finding out that one of the world's  Wagyu industry leader's ranch was just 45 minutes from our  home the Wagyu die was cast.  Having Lone Mountian Ranch, it's incredible bloodlines, and all the   knowledge in the world,  did we have a choice but to make Japanese Wagyu a part of our lives? As Mountian View Wagyu   owners we  took on the challenge of purchasing some of the very best seedstock available  from   Wagyu industry leaders such as Bob Estrin's, Lone Mountian Ranch  and   Michael Goodell's, Muddy Flats Cattle Company .

    Much like our  seedstock mentors, aquiring high quality  and producing

"above prime" Wagyu livestock is our mission as well.