"Kobe Beef" the name famous all over the world the Japanese Government strictly regulates the breed, and only cattle   produced in the Kobe region can be called "Kobe Beef".

 Regarded as the best beef in the world by many,                       highly marbled 100% Fullblood Wagyu 

WAG*YU /wag-yoo/ noun Wagyu Literally Means: JAPANESE COW

   Extreme marbling is what Wagyu is renowned for around the world.  Monounsaturated fats mix with muscle to   create marbling, the higher   the marbling the higher the grade value of the meat.  Cattle raisers wanting to maximize their quality of meat can   significantly do so by improving the  overall grade with Wagyu genetics.  The Wagyu breed is rapidly growing and has earned its place in the white    tablecloth industry by   consistently exceeding prime quality beef.

The beef grading scale used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture refers to the amount of fat in beef, though the U.S.D.A. describes it as "tenderness,     juiciness, and flavor."  Marbling refers to the level of fat distributed throughout the "lean", or edible meat portion of the beef.  Wagyu   beef's   quality is   so  high that it does not fit on the U.S. chart.   The Japanese beef grading scale has a range of 1-12, with twelve being the best meat    possible.  A score of   12 is extremely rare: a good cut of Wagyu beef usually ranks around 10, or 4 to 5 times greater than U.S. D.A. "prime". Wagyu   are very similar in   appearance to British breeds, but overall superior genetics in meat quality.  Wagyu cattle offer:  * Calving ease  * Larger rib eye size    * No excessive back  fat   * Wagyu are very fertile breed and bulls can service at a higher number at a younger age  * The breed is very adaptive to       different environments and   terrain  * Females reach sexual maturity at an earlier age  * Wagyu are more docile and easier to handle